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With technological advances, it has become possible to correct teeth mal-alignment without braces. Invisalign treatment uses a set of trays (aligners) customized for moving teeth in their correct position and direction. Invisalign treatment does not need the placement of braces on the teeth which is conventionally done for orthodontic treatment. Hence, the treatment is highly esthetic and cosmetic and does not affect the appearance of an individual. It is highly recommended in individuals who cannot afford to compromise on their facial appearance like individuals from film and entertainment industry, models and professionals from marketing/hospitality industry.

With the advancement in ceramic materials in dentistry, it has become possible to have highly strong metal-free ceramic crowns that are made from zirconia and glass ceramics which are virtually unbreakable and also come with a warranty. All ceramic (or metal free ceramic) crowns are most aesthetic and have high strength as well as they do not deviate magnetic radiations like metal containing crowns do during MRI procedures. These crowns are well suited for front as well as back teeth.

Earlier and even till date, root canals are done in multiple visits (generally 2-3). But, with advanced technology in dentistry and understanding of the tissues of the teeth, root canal treatment can be performed in one single appointment by a specialist for root canals known as Endodontist. A single visit or sitting root canal is generally completed within One hour. Teeth with long term decay whose nerve (pulp) is dead, are ideal candidates of single visit root canal treatment. Teeth with extensive infection in bone and tooth surrounding areas are not indicated for single sitting root canal.

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Dr. Rishi Bhimani

Periodontics and Implantology


Dr. Rishi Bhimani is a specialist dentist (Periodontist & Implantologist) with expertise in all types of teeth and gum surgeries and dental implants. Our motto is "Prevention first, then cure". Dr. Rishi Bhimani completed B.D.S in 2013, topping Dr. D. Y Patil University, Navi Mumbai examinations after which he persuaded M.D.S in Periodontology (Topper) from K.L.E University, Belagavi, Karnataka. Dr. Rishi has completed a certificate course in Oral Implantology from K.L.E University and is trained in Implantology and Soft tissue Dental LASERS.


I am 90 years old & consume blood thinner medication. All my teeth were broken, so wasn't able to eat. Dr. Rishi carefully and meticulously removed all the broken teeth & made a new set of dentures. Now, I am able to eat well. Dr. Rishi explains the treatment very calmly and does a wonderful job. I would strongly recommend him.

Mr. Jethalal Bhatia

Visited for new set of teeth

I am a C.A from Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania. I visited India for annual vacations. I had a broken tooth, root canal treated. As per the dentists in Tanzania, the tooth was severely damaged and had to be removed. But, Dr. Rishi saved & reconstructed the tooth with some advanced procedures. Now, I can eat well from that side. Dr is very good at his work. I would strongly recommend Dr. Rishi.

Mr. Pragnesh Udeshi

Visited for fractured upper molar tooth

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DENTAL IMPLANTDENTAL IMPLANT is the best option to replace a single missing tooth or multiple teeth. DENTAL IMPLANTS teeth are fixed and provide the best chewing efficiency and aesthetics. DENTAL IMP

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